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Even if it was diluted, it would still be best to try one of these methods just in case. I am trying to get the yellow out of it from being stored I guess. Set the cycle you'd usually use for this type of clothing and wash with the usual detergent. Artificial sweeteners are particularly good when you're out and about.

And? As you can imagine, I was AFRAID of what I was facing. Many of the other parents had already been washing their boy’s pants (a few times, I might add) So, I was willing to try something different. I followed the directions, soaking with this new Oxi instead. and added a little elbow grease (I was AFRAID of those grass/mud/icee stains).

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If they’re all white clothes, you can probably use Rit White-Wash to lift the yellow/green color. If the clothes have any colors much at all, you could try using Carbona Color Run Remover. If you choose to use either of those products, make sure you follow the directions carefully!
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If they’re all white clothes, you can probably use Rit White-Wash to lift the yellow/green color. If the clothes have any colors much at all, you could try using Carbona Color Run Remover. If you choose to use either of those products, make sure you follow the directions carefully!

Let it set in for about fifteen minutes, then rinse out your jeans [5]. You can get meat tenderizer in any convenience store. If none of the above steps worked on your blood stain, give the last one below a chance. Hairspray can be another effective product to get rid of blood stains. Saturate the stained part with the hair product, and let it sit for about five minutes. Then, get a damp rag and gently wipe the stain clean [6]. Blot the stain gently with a dry paper towel.

Especially if the stain is fresh, your first instinct might be to wipe the stain with water. But as mentioned, H20 will only set the stain as oil repels water.

A dry paper towel will instead soak up excess oil [7]. This method might not be enough for big or deep-set stains. Try the steps below if the paper towel didn't fully absorb your stain. Cover the stain with baby powder or talc.

This method is good for fresh and old stains. Powders efficiently absorb oil and can get rid of most oil-based stains. Particularly if your stain is just oil. Simply saturate the stain with baby powder or talc, and let the powder do its magic for as long as possible - up to an entire day.

Then, lightly brush the powder off with a dry paper towel, or toothbrush , and launder your jeans in the hottest temperature the garment care instructions allow [8].

Due to its high level of surfactants, dish detergent is particularly successful at getting rid of grease and oil stains. Dab a drop or two onto your stain, and add a little water. Then, throw your jeans in the wash and launder them as usual [9].

If you're on the go, the next step might be easier to implement. They'll do a good job at removing oil and grease stains. Simply dab the stain with a little bit of the powder and a dry paper towel.

Artificial sweeteners are particularly good when you're out and about. If none of the above steps worked for you, go ahead and try this last option below. Get a hold of white vinegar. Pour a small amount of undiluted white vinegar on a paper towel. Blot the stain right before washing your jeans.

This method works best on old stains [10]. Stay away from water. Most makeup, like lip-stick or mascara, is oil-based which means that water will help the stain set, and make it harder to remove it. Brush the stain off gently. Some makeup isn't liquid, which means that it's sometimes possible to lightly brush a lip-stick or mascara stain off before it seeps into the fabric. But be very careful, as you don't want to grind the stain deeper into your jeans [11].

If this wasn't enough, go ahead and try the next steps below. Shaving cream is especially useful for foundation spills.

Just cover the stain with some shaving cream, and toss your garment into the wash. As an alternative to this step, you might consider the next one. Get some hair spray. If you're dealing with lipstick stains, hairspray can be quite effective at removing spills and smudges.

Saturate the stained part of your jeans with the hair product for about fifteen minutes. Then blot it with a damp rag or cloth until the stain is gone [12]. If hairspray makes you cringe, or you don't tolerate the smell, skip to the method below.

If you're dealing with spray tan or tinted moisturizer spots, make a mixture of warm water and a little dish detergent in a cup. Dip in a sponge and then gently blot your jeans' stain with it until your garment is clean. Concoct a mixture of two parts white vinegar, and one part water cold or warm.

Pour the mixture onto the stain, and let it soak overnight. Then, wash your garment as you normally would [13]. Some people can't stand the smell of vinegar. If that's the case for you, skip ahead to one of the following options below. Get some baking soda. Create a paste out of baking soda and warm water. Use just enough baking soda and water to make a paste-like texture. Then, get an clean toothbrush and firmly apply the paste to the area. Gently scrub back and forth, then let the stain sit for a few hours.

Finally, rinse the stain. Crush three Aspirin pills. Put them in a cup. Then, add about two tablespoons of water until the mixture becomes paste-like. Apply it onto the stain, and let it sit for an hour. Rinse the stained part of the garment [14]. Get some lemon juice. Lightly sprinkle salt onto the stain.

Then squeeze some lemon juice onto the stain until it's saturated. Rub the stain until it's gone, and then launder your jeans. Rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and then Goo Gone did not help. I hope the Windex or WD will do the trick. If not, maybe turpentine or paint thinner. I do not want to toss the knit top or suit pants! My daughter just came home with liquid paper on her school dress. I never realized that WD was that useful. How do I remove White Out from a pleather jacket.

My son has a nice, black, pleather jacket that he has never worn and a bottle of white out busted and I need to know what to use to get it out. I googled something obscure, like how to remove Wite-Out, and here is the answer; gotta love the net.

Thank you to this site. Can wite-out be removed from paper? I messed up with stuff. I am 12 years old and I got White Out on my new leggings. I thought when my mom came home she was going to kill me!!!! The Windex did a little, but the Goo Gone did the trick! All I have to do now is put it through the washer to get the smell out. Thank you so much! My mom will never know!!!!!!!!! Jessica, This is the guide you would need to remove a WD stain: How to Remove Oil Stains from Clothes.

I removed White-Out from black denim; no trace of it. I used WD, an old toothbrush, and a rag to wipe away the results of scrubbing. The recommendations listed here include WD, Windex and acetone nail polish remover. With warnings, Goo Gone and rubbing alcohol are also listed as possibilities for removing the Wite-out. Was it because the jeans have been through the wash a couple of times?

Anything else that would work without damaging them? Should I try WD, or is the stain permanent because I washed it? Katie, It could definitely still work. The point of using the WD is to liquefy the white out. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. Can I remove a paint stain after I have already washed the article of clothing? You may or may not be successful, but it's worth a try. Use nail polish remover and some dry cloth. Keep on rubbing and it should come out. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 6.

Soak it for a day or two and then wash the t-shirt as you normally would. Not Helpful 13 Helpful 8. The wool might soak up the diluted acrylic paint, and wash out easily. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 4. Most acrylic paint will come out in the wash. Pre-soak the clothes if it is a stubborn stain.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. How can I get my acetone nail polish remover out of my dress? Answer this question Flag as How do I get acrylic paint off if it has been there for a while? How do you remove dried acrylic paint from a jacket without using isopropyl alcohol? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Quick Summary To get acrylic paint out of your clothes, turn the garment inside-out and run it under warm water.

Did this summary help you? Tips As much as possible, don't let the paint dry. It is easier to remove wet stains than when they dry. Always spot test an inconspicuous area first to see how the fabric responds. Any cleaning solution risks making things worse, dependent on what is used, the type of fabric affected and the method of application. Given that the clothing is already paint stained though, it's worth trying to remove the stain at least.

Un-washable fabrics will stay paint-stained. Try taking it to a dry cleaner to see if anything can be done. If not, think of creative ways to cover up or incorporate the stain into the outfit.

You can also try dabbing the area with nail polish remover or thinner, but it might damage your clothes. Only try this on natural fibers, and check the solution on an inconspicuous part of your clothing first. Did you try these steps? Upload a picture for other readers to see. Tell us more about it? Click here to share your story. Removing Acrylic Paint Stains In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,, times.

Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. However, some paint wouldn't come off. I tried many stain-lifters, washings, and Windex, but they didn't work. I warily decided to try the dish soap method, and was surprised to see it worked very well! The first time it looked like there was dust on the shirt that I couldn't get off, but I repeated the steps the next day and washed it, and the shirt is okay.

A Anonymous Aug 21, NS Nicole Smith Aug 10, We are finishing by doing window well cleaner and scraping it with a spoon. It really helped, we are glad we looked on wikiHow. AV Anadae Val Apr 12, The alcohol seemed to have done the trick.

Can't wait to see it when it gets out of the wash.

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